Eco-Friendly Transportation

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Eco-Friendly Transportation

With so many innovations in the industry, its really no surprise that eco friendly transportation is become a more attractive alternative to the traditional gas guzzlers of the past. From ground travel to air travel, earth friendly transportation is the way of the future for all of us. Whether you're considering a hybrid or electric vehicle or just looking for ways you can make your existing transportation methods more environmentally friendly, there are many options for reducing your transportation carbon footprint.

Walking or bicycling does a body good and is a great alternative for those short trips down to the corner store. Carpooling is also a particularly effective way of saving energy and resources. A little planning will go a long way and we can all work together when embarking on many regular errand outings. Planning ahead can also avoid long waits in rush hour traffic, which can result in your car emitting a higher level of pollutants. Choose a route likely to encounter the least amount of interruption and consolidate your trips to many different locations.

If you are considering a new vehicle purchase, do your research and choose wisely; consider a hybrid vehicle or another environmentally friendly option. Many of the large automakers have embraced the eco-friendly movement and are offering alternative energy vehicles that get better gas mileage and eliminate or reduce the harmful emissions of traditional vehicles. As consumers look for ways to save money on gas and cut down on carbon fuel emissions, auto manufacturers have introduced a bevy of non-traditional vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have received the most coverage in the wake of increasing gas prices but they are not the only eco-friendly product available on the market; electric vehicles and "Smart Cars" are another alternative. Researchers and manufacturers are working on new fuel options such as "BioGas" which is compressed natural gas as well as ethanol and liquid petroleum gasoline.

There are innovations in every segment of the transportation industry from trains to planes and it's clear that with the focus on environmentally friendly solutions green is definitely here to stay.

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