Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas

HIlton Head Island, SC

There is a fast growing "green" salon and spa network in the United States and the trend is catching on worldwide. When you're looking for a salon to service your beauty needs you should look for those businesses that offer biodegradable products that are made from plant or water-based sources. Salons should practice energy, waste and water conservation. Make a few phone calls to find out which salons in your area are embracing practices that reduce their environmental impact.

The National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas was formed as the first association in the United States committed to building a community of environmentally friendly and socially responsible salon and spa owners. The purpose of the association is to be a resource for those business owners concerned about the impact their salon or spa has on the environment. The NAEFSS focuses on eleven areas encompassing all aspects of owning and operating a salon or spa using green business practices. Business owners can earn sustainability certifications as a result of points earned from each of the eleven categories.

Businesses located in existing buildings are taking measures to ensure they appeal to eco-friendly patrons by offering services such as waterless pedicures and organic smoothie bars. Many of these businesses use low wattage, energy-efficient lighting and have incorporated reclaimed wood in their interior design. The newest green minded salons and spas can be identified by the materials used in their construction and their responsible building practices.

We all love to feel good and look great. Unfortunately, our vanity often comes at a tremendous expense to our planet. Green minded salons and spas provide you and your family with alternative solutions for maintaining your appearance while reducing the impact our desire to look good can have on the environment.

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