Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Hilton Head Island, SC

Organic dining is one of the latest trends in the restaurant industry, as people still enjoy the idea of eating out but they are becoming more and more conscious of the food they are consuming. Consumers want more information about the foods they eat and how they are processed. Organic restaurants use chemical and pesticide-free foods when concocting those marvelous taste combinations that we expect when dining out. Some people mistake organic eating for vegetarian eating and assume that an organic-based dining establishment will not offer meat selections on their menu.

Organic is not necessarily vegetarian, but rather that each ingredient is naturally-produced rather than manufactured and is free of pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modifications. Organic meats are readily available and refer to those meats that are produced from animals that were raised without hormone treatments or without exposure to toxic chemicals in their own food or environment. Organic food applies to not only the food itself but the production process as well.

Organic dining out might cost a little more than traditional restaurants, but the tradeoff is well worth the expense. We all enjoy meals that we don't have to prepare ourselves and if you're a big believer in eating organically, you're sure to appreciate the extra effort and expense that can be involved in running an organic dining establishment. An increasing trend among restaurants is to support the local ecologically-minded farmers who are growing organic produce, thereby supporting the local economy. More frequently, restaurants are adding organic options onto their menus, and if you are dining out and don't see anything organic listed, just ask.

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