Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Charleston, SC

Healthy green cleaning products are easy to find these days, with a shift away from the use of harmful chemicals that can have toxic residual effects on your health and your environment. These safe biodegradable products are created from renewable resources and are effective in combating household grime.

You'd be surprised how many products you have in your own cupboard that will make safe and natural cleaning solutions for almost all of your home's surfaces! A vinegar and hot water mix is a great natural alternative to caustic cleaners and is effective for cleaning laminate, vinyl or tile flooring and even your dirty oven! Vinegar is also particularly effective on glass windows, tables and mirrors. You can even use yesterday's newspaper to wipe off the solution and leave a streak free shine.

Most bathroom surfaces can be tackled by using a solution made from 2 parts soda water and 1 part lemon juice - lemon will also make everything smell super fresh. An olive oil and lemon juice mixture is a great way to clean and polish your wood surfaces without applying any harsh chemicals.

Put an open box of baking soda in that smelly fridge and it will absorb odors. You can also mix baking soda with fragrant essential oils for a homemade air freshener. If you're not a clean-it-yourself type, green-minded cleaning services are popping up across the country and are an alternative for those individuals who can't find the time to do their own cleaning. There are many eco friendly cleaning products on the market these days and cleaning companies are embracing them in their approach to doing business.

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