Green Building & Remodeling

Bluffton, SC

Green building refers to sustainable approaches to residential and commercial construction or remodeling, with emphasis on the responsible use of energy and renewable resources. Construction techniques and materials are a significant way to affect our future, focusing on the efficiency of how resources are used and how structures reduce the overall impact on the environment surrounding them.

Water, energy and materials conservation are the key components of green construction design and production. According to the United States Green Building Council, the buildings in this country alone account for 72 percent of electricity consumption, 39 percent of energy use and 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. To alter some of these statistics, many people are choosing to embrace a more sustainable approach. The existence of many national programs and organizations makes it easy to find information about the subject.

The LEED rating system is one of the best known green building certifications that promote the design and construction of high performance green homes. This third-party rating verifies that the structure was built using strategies for improving energy use, water efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions. LEED provides a clear outline for identifying and implementing green building practices. It addresses nine key areas of performance that include a sustainable site selection, innovation and materials and resources.

The National Association of Homebuilders has introduced the Green Certification as another way to ensure that your building has accredited third-party verification. The program's guidelines provide three levels of certification including bronze, silver and gold. There are additional levels for residential buildings. These certifications address key green construction areas including lot and site development, energy and water efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor and outdoor air quality, and homeowner education. The NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines certification is available for new single-family homes, while the National Green Building Standard is applicable to most types of residential construction or development projects, including renovations to existing structures.

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