Purchasing and Preparing Organic Food

Bluffton, SC

When approaching a more organic lifestyle, start at home with the food you choose to purchase and prepare. Organic food is now readily available at most grocery stores in your local area. Preparation methods for cooking organically really aren't all that different and once you are aware of a few basic tips the process is simplified and the taste and nutritional value is enhanced. In many cases, the nutritional value of a food item greatly depends on the method used in the cooking process.

When buying organic, try not to deviate from those items your family already enjoys, just seek out organic alternatives. Do your research and see what's available in your area. Look past your local grocers organic aisle to the local farmers market, gourmet deli or natural food stores for additional resources so you're not limited on where you can shop. Farmers' markets are great sources of fresh local produce and can often save you money versus shopping organic foods at big name supermarkets.

Community supported agriculture programs are another great way to participate in buying produce on a local level. These programs allow you to pay a portion of a farm's operating expenses in exchange for weekly boxes of fresh grown fruits and vegetables. A share in a CSA typically runs $300 to $400 upfront for a 25 -week growing season. Usually, monthly payment options are available and sometimes you can opt to purchase a half share for half the return on fresh goods.

Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are grown without most conventional pesticides and without fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients. Organic meat and dairy products are free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Due to the rise in popularity of organic living, organic food items are everywhere and you'll find that most meat and produce items are available in organic versions.

Consider purchasing your organic items in bulk or when they are in season as another way of conserving money while stocking up on great organic goods. The savings can be significant over time and many of these items can be frozen for use at a later date. You can also frequently find coupons on organic products at your local large box grocery stores. Pay attention to sale items and take advantage of these opportunities to reduce costs. Pay attention to product packaging as well. Many packaged organic items offer coupons on the packaging so take a closer look before recycling the empty container.

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