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The town of Bluffton, SC is embracing the green movement with great devotion. As the town has evolved, the same level of eco-awareness and environmental consideration has been applied to the development and growth of Bluffton as was in the groundbreaking eco-friendly development approach that was applied to the development of nearby Hilton Head Island. This standard of respect and preservation for the natural environment has infiltrated this coastal village and plays a significant role in the resulting pristine beauty that defines this riverside community.

The town of Bluffton, SC serves as the mainland to Hilton Head Island and is situated on the "High Bluff" overlooking the pristine May River. Bluffton is rich with Lowcountry charm and cultural appeal and bears a long history of attracting people from all walks of life. In the early 1800's Bluffton was a popular "summering getaway" for affluent Savannah residents who maintained secondary homes in the quaint riverside town. Locals like to say that Bluffton is a "state of mind" and this rings truest in the uniqueness and diversity of the area residents.

Located in between Savannah on the south and Beaufort and Charleston to the north, Bluffton's began as a part of the King's grant to Lord Proprietor Colleton. Bluffton became an important distribution center early on due to a convenient central location, resulting in a burgeoning growth of year-round residents. The abundance of crops from local farms and plantations were exported along the May River to places as far away as Europe. The Federal tariffs of 1844 made the imported goods extremely expensive, thus angering the Bluffton planters and creating an environment of discontent. These planters demonstrated their dissatisfaction by gathering beneath what is now known as the "Secession Oak", marking the beginning of the secessionist movement. South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union just 16 years later. Historically, the resiliency of Bluffton and her people is steadfast and the town has continued to enjoy positive growth in the following years. Distinctive antebellum homes and historic churches still stand as a testament to the strength of the town and the loyalty of her residents.

Throughout history, activities in Bluffton have always been centered on the river including crabbing, shrimping, boating, and swimming in the waters of the May. This still hold true today, and now includes seasonal festivals, farmers markets, community oyster roasts and the bustle of a thriving old-town village center along the river. Now, downtown Bluffton is a charming village featuring an array of whimsical shops and structures. People from all over are drawn to the call of the river and the relaxed lifestyle as well as the charming aesthetic of the moss covered live oaks and the eclectic shopping and dining selections.

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