Green Personal Care Businesses

Beaufort, SC

Each and every thing we do has an impact on the planet including the choices we make when selecting personal care products. Looking better shouldn't come at the risk of your health or the health of the environment. The beauty industry is a 35 billion dollar business with thousands of different products marketed for cosmetics and skin care, but just 10 percent of those have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety.

According to the Skin Deep report from the Environmental Working Group, a partner of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, 33 percent of personal care products contain at least one component chemical that has been linked to cancer. Many personal care products are petroleum-derived and/or contain potentially toxic ingredients.

There are safe, more natural alternatives for almost all of the products we use everyday to make ourselves presentable. When shopping for personal care items, look for certified organic products, which can be identified by the Eco-Cert label and the USDA Organic seal. Additionally, you can determine which products have not been tested on animals by looking for the international Humane Cosmetics Standard label that indicates that they are cruelty free.

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