Eco-Friendly Activities for Land Lovers

Beaufort, SC

The Lowcountry is full of outdoor recreational activities, and opportunities abound from Charleston to Hilton Head Island. While it's typical to immediately think of the water when considering Lowcountry recreational options, there is an abundance of land-based entertainment choices that encourage us to appreciate the pristine beauty of this coastal region.

Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature and escape the binding restrictions of our normal daily lives. For generations, families have been taking to area campgrounds and pitching their tents for some good old R & R and a weekend of campfires, roasting marshmallows and storytelling. Here in the Lowcountry, you can enjoy the unique experience of camping on the beach and waking up to the sweet sound of the waves as they roll into the sandy coastline. There are several choices for campgrounds and RV parks that provide you with a convenient weekend getaway locale without going too far from home or breaking the budget.

Horseback Riding is another great outdoor recreational activity; kids will love getting up close and personal with these gentle four-legged giants. Many area stables offer trail tours for observing the natural environment from a new perspective. Additionally, riding lessons make a great special occasion gift and provide the perfect chance to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors. This physical activity is a wonderful alternative to so many activities that tend to keep us indoors on nice sunny days.

The most obvious outdoor opportunity unique to the coastal region is to take advantage of the beautiful sandy beaches. Many games of Frisbee or kite flying excursions are enjoyed against the stimulating backdrop of crashing waves and soft blowing breezes. The little ones love the opportunity to construct a magnificent sand castle - sometimes the big ones get in on the action as well; and nobody is ever too old for a game of "bury me in the sand".

Miles of nature trails around the Lowcountry provide the perfect setting for bird watching and observing our local flora and fauna. In the marshy areas an occasional alligator can be spotted; be sure to remain a safe distance away while taking in their majestic strength.

Night time brings a whole new world of opportunity with an explosion of stars in the darkened sky. Unlike larger metropolitan areas, our skies are relatively unaffected by the lights of the city and make a perfect blanket of blackness for many constellations on a clear night. Somehow the stars just seem clearer and closer here because we are surrounded by such an abundance of natural beauty.

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